In Wisconsin Dells, the changing colors on the abundant trees is our Grand Finale before the glistening shades of a white winter approach. For those who will be visiting the area (or those who already are fortunate to reside here), the Dells offers an abundance of fall foliage opportunities.

Lets start off right in the Dells with our first few suggestions and then broaden your fall travel experience with our top suggestions that make up the list of the Best Places to See Fall Colors in Wisconsin Dells.

Upper Dells Boat Tours

The Upper Dells Boat Tour is a blast no matter what time of year you go. But, make the choice to get in when the fall leaves are peaking and you will have not only an unforgettable time but even more unforgettable photography. Stop for some delicious Dells ice cream when you’re done and compare all your shots to see who captured the best moment! For this tour, I also recommend end-of-the-day lighting.

Wisconsin Dells Scenic River Walk

The Wisconsin Dells Scenic River Walk boasts a leisurely tour of the festive fall colors as you stroll. Just a block away from the downtown strip, it is close by shopping, dining and other activities galore. A unique feature of the River Walk is an ornament patio with built-in chess tables. Bring your favorite set of pieces to watch the sunset as you play or to take a short and memorable break in your activity-filled day!

Devil’s Lake State Park

Devil’s Lake State Park, well-known for its abundant hiking trails and outdoor activities, is an excellent location to see the fall foliage. Whether you decide for just a day at the park or choose to hunker down for a few days of crisp, Autumn mornings in their year-round campground, the park has options galore to get your fill of wonder and photographs from atop the bluffs or at ground level as they cascade above you on all sides.

Mirror Lake State Park

Mirror Lake State Park, just three miles outside of Wisconsin Dells, not only offers scenic trails to meander throughout the day, but also the lake which is halfway surrounded by sandstone bluffs. Enjoy the scenery while fishing, canoeing or kayaking. Bike trails are also available for those who prefer to cover more ground at a faster pace.


Take sightseeing into your own hands by directing your fall tour from the comfort of your own vehicle. Landmarks, parks and places of interest make great opportunities to stop for a stretch and snap some great pictures while you view. A great hint? Pack a thermos of some hot apple cider to enjoy on your stops!

Wisconsin River

For those who enjoy taking to the water, a kayak or canoe trip down the Wisconsin River is sure to please. Take your paddling to the next level on the Upper Dells part of the Wisconsin River.

Have a slightly larger vessel? Load up the pontoon with your friends and family (And life vests!) and hit the Wisconsin River for a care-free day of fishing and motoring around to catch a glimpse of all the sights. The Wisconsin River is also an excellent and popular area for bald eagle watching so be sure to have your camera ready at a moment’s notice!

Gibraltar Rock State Natural Area

The Gibraltar Rock State Natural Area (Rock of Gibraltar) is an excellent location to not only enjoy a stroll, but also to see some pretty amazing views of a historic landmark. Recently made even more accessible thanks to the hard work of the Ice Age Trail Alliance and their volunteers, the Wisconsin Ice Age Trail now runs alongside this breath-taking view. The terrain can be a bit challenging so we advise that you’re up for a good hike if you want to take this one on. Just a short 30 miles south east from the Dells, it boasts some of the best views in the state. Rising 1,234 feet above sea level, the altitude allows for miles of unobstructed view of the Wisconsin River valley, rolling hills and farmland, the Baraboo range and Lake Wisconsin.

Mid-Continent Railway Museum

The Mid-Continent Railway Museum, just 20 miles southeast of the Wisconsin Dells, offers a unique opportunity to take in the sights while participating in a fascinating piece of history at the same time. Restored 1915 steel passenger railroad cars escort riders for a one-hour long trip along the Baraboo River valley and through gorgeous foliage. Trains depart at 11 a.m., 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. on weekends starting late October.

In my personal opinion, the 3 p.m. tours offer the most dazzling light for the area though you can be sure that no matter when you tour, you will not be disappointed. This is a great choice for those who want the whole family together but may not otherwise all be able to keep up with the same pace otherwise.

We want to know what a few of your favorite viewing spots are near the Wisconsin Dells! Be sure to comment and share the fun with others!